Resources and Links

Follow the links below to find out more about biodiversity conservation in the Slopes to Summit (S2S) region (links are opened in new tabs/windows depending on browser)


Local Strategies and Management Plans

Local Consultants Reports & Biodiversity Studies

Other interesting reads

  • Chambers 2008. Birds as Environmental Indicators 
  • 'Planting for Wildlife: A Practical Guide to Restoring Native Woodlands' by Nicola Munro and David Lindenmayer, 2011, CSIRO Publishing available
  • The Great Eastern Ranges Series Fact Sheet 'What is Connectivity Conservation?'



  • 'Snow Gums to River Reds' by S2S and Mosquito Productions 
  • 'Woodland Birds' by Dr. Damon Oliver, Office of Environment & Heritage 
  • 'Dr Dave' films about local biodiversity by Dr. Dave Watson, Charles Sturt University and Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre
  • S2S BioFlix 2013 - winning entries from a local amateur short film competition on the topic of biodiversity.