Getting started

This site has been developed by the Atlas of Living Australia in collaboration with the Slopes to Summit (S2S) partnership, part of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative (GER). 

This site allows you to do the following things:

1. Learn about the plants and animals that live in the Slopes to Summit (S2S) region:

2. Contribute records of local plants and animals to the Atlas of Living Australia database.

The site aims to engage and inform the local community, as well as provide a resource which will inform decision making about biodiversity management in the region.

The information fed into this site will not only improve local knowledge, it will also be harvested into the broader Atlas of Living Australia, and in the process improve biodiversity knowledge nationally. 

Before you can contribute data through this site you must sign in. Once signed in you can record data using the on-line forms from the drop down menu under 'Record Observations'.